Medico-Legal Magazine

Issue 23

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Medico-Legal Magazine Issue 23

Published by: SpecialistInfo & Iconic Media Solutions

First published: June 2023


SpecialistInfo Medico-Legal Courses 2023
By Lisa Cheyne

Unlocking the Potential: How AI can Transform the Medico-Legal Sector 
By Alexander Acaster 

A Taste of Ophthalmology Litigation 
By Mr Amar Alwitry 

A Taste of Ophthalmology Litigation 
By Mr Amar Alwitry 

Whistleblowing in an NHS in Crisis
By Dr Megan Smith

Confidentiality & Consent: What is Expected, and When is it Safe to Override Them? 
By Stephen Hooper

Medico-Legal News 
By Lisa Cheyne 

Welcome to Issue 23 of the Medico-Legal Magazine, produced by SpecialistInfo and publishing partner Iconic Media Solutions Ltd. 

This Conference issue of 2023 includes the following articles: 

Professor Matthew Reed, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, discusses how to reduce misdiagnosis of acute aortic disease; and 

Alexander Acaster, Chief Operating Officer, TMLEP, shares his insight on how AI could transform the medico-legal sector. 

Also in this issue, Dr Megan Smith, Consultant Anaesthetist and Barrister, announces the launch of the campaign group EveryDoctor’s NHS whistleblowing platform; and 

Stephen Hooper, Senior Associate, Clyde & Co LLP, discusses patient consent and confidentiality. 

Finally, Mr Amar Alwitry, Consultant Ophthalmologist, summarises the most common reasons for ophthalmology litigation. 

Once again, the magazine will be circulated to up to 40,000 people in the industry, including doctors, insurance companies, law firms and medico-legal agencies. It has a dedicated website and a page on the Medico-Legal Section of the website, where all the back issues can be viewed. Printed copies can be ordered from Iconic Media. 

Specialistinfo maintains a database of contact details for up to 90,000 UK consultants and GPs, including approximately 11,000 consultants and GPs who undertake medico-legal work. We also provide Medico-Legal courses for expert witnesses and promote the members of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses (the FEW). 

We welcome feedback from our readers, so please contact us with any suggestions for areas you would like to see covered in future issues or share your news and experiences with us.